Quality Improvement Projects

Supervisor & Topic List 2019/2020

Projects at Margate (QEQM)

  1. Dr Issam Ahmed - Engaging patients during consenting for Ureteric stends insertion.

  2. Dr Mohamed Ali - Improving the management of patients with anaemia before elective surgery.

  3. Dr Aylur G Rajasri - Routine full blood count at 28 weeks of pregnancy - does it help to reduce iron deficiency anaemia at term?

  4. Dr Chrisina Grigoras - Insulin management in type 1 diabetes - inpatient carbohydrate counting.

  5. Dr Ritoo Kapoor - Reducing the burden of anaemia in critical illness.

Projects at Ashford (WHH) 

  1. Dr Hitendra Tanwar - Clincal Action Point (CAP) based continuity of patient care during week days in acute medicine unit.

  2. Dr Vimal Vasu - Assessing and improving parental views and involvement in neonatal ward rounds. 

  3. Dr Jemma Hale - Pain levels during ESWL.

  4. Dr Laureta Delaj - Setting a 'virtual follow-up' clinic for epileptic patients.

  5. Dr Peter Christian - Improving HBA1c levels in paediatric patients.

KCL Medical Students Recognised for Pilot Study on Local Anaesthetic Systemic Toxicity in Maternity Care


Improving local anaesthetic toxicity awareness in maternity care

Congratulations to Sahil DeepakGemma Bowsher and Amy Edwards (pictured above) who recently won the KCL Quality Improvement Project Prize, as well as being runners-up in the National Patient Safety Award for Midwifery. Their project, Improving local anaesthetic toxicity awareness in maternity care, was presented at an international conference in Switzerland under the supervision of Dr Mohamed Ali, Consultant Anaesthetist and QIP Supervisor.

An associated paper has been accepted for publication in the British Journal of Midwifery (see the abstract).

Following the World Congress of Surgeons, Sahil, Gemma and Amy will also be presenting at another conference in April - the BMJ’s International forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare in Amsterdam.