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e-Learning for Supervisors

Now you are a supervisor you will find it useful to access some helpful guidelines via easily accessible e-learning modules which have been set up by Health Education England to support educational and clinical supervisors in their role. Resources can be found via accessing The Educator Hub and e-learning for Healthcare.

Then enrol on to the Educator Training Resource programme

An e-learning session that sets out how educational and clinical supervisors can undertake their roles for postgraduate trainees employed under the 2016 contract.

Access to e-learning programmes for educators via the Health Education England Educator Hub

e-Learning for Healthcare

About the Educator Hub

The Educator Hub is a web-based multi-professional e-learning resource for clinical educators. It brings together video-based modules from HEE Kent, Surrey, Sussex’s etft platform together with the more academic ones from London’s Multi-professional Faculty Development site. Nearly 50 modules will be available initially, with complementary resources from elsewhere to be included in due course.

Modules are linked to the new ‘Professional Development Framework for Educators’ which is being adopted in London and South East. The framework domains map to professional regulatory standards for education and training including HEE’s Quality Framework standards and are applicable to all educators working in clinical practice and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) as guidance for best practice. 

✓ Free to access 

✓ No registration necessary although this is recommended to track your learning