Welcome to the Ophthalmology Department at East Kent University Hospitals Trust! We hope that you enjoy your rotation with us over the coming months. EKHUFT is one of the largest NHS trusts in the country, serving a population of over 750,000. This will give you the opportunity to learn about the management of a wide variety of acute and chronic eye conditions. As an ophthalmology FY2 doctor, you will be based in William Harvey Hospital (WHH) in Ashford, Kent. Ophthalmology Specialist Trainees also rotate to the Eye Department in Kent and Canterbury Hospital (K&CH). 

Mr Bruce Dong - College Tutor, Ophthalmology

Key Features

  • ST3/4: Support and training provided for 2 ST trainees (ST3 and ST4) per year. 

  • FY2/GPST: Training also provided to 3 FY2s and 3 GPST per year with 4 monthly rotations.

  • Surgical Training: STs receive training in Medical and Surgical Retina and Cataract Surgery.

  • Experience: Most trainees will complete at least 150-200 cases by the end of their rotation.

  • Extras: Opportunity for YAG laser and retinal laser training.

  • Research: Involvement in a number of national multicentre trials.

  • Expert Tuition: All our Educational Supervisors have QESP or RCP equivalent qualification.

  • Cutting-edge Facilities: State of the art Zeiss Operating Microscopes and Phaco machines. 

Who's Who

Ophthalmology Consultants

  • Mr Godfrey Borg (Medical Retina / Paediatrics)

  • Mr Eugene Dagres (Glaucoma)

  • Mr Joe Devereux (Oculoplastics)

  • Mr Bruce Dong (Oculoplastics)

  • Mr Massoud Fouladi (Oculoplastics) - part-time

  • Ms Liz Gavin (Paediatric Ophth)

  • Mr Mohammad Heravi (Glaucoma)

  • Mr Nick Kopsachilis (Cornea)

  • Mr Thomas Kwok (Medical Retina)

  • Miss Yvonne Luo (Vitreo-retinal)

  • Mr Mike Mota (Oculoplastics)

  • Miss Efrosini Papagiannuli (Medical Retina & Uveitis)

  • Mr Nishal Patel (Medical Retina)

  • Mr Wallace Poon (Vitreo-retinal)

  • Mr David Schultz (Vitreo-retinal)

Key contacts

  1. College Tutor: Mr Bruce Dong, Consultant Ophthalmologist (brucedong@nhs.net)

  2. Educational Supervisors: Mr Thomas Kwok (thomaskwok@nhs.net) and Mr Nishal Patel (nishal.patel@nhs.net)

  3. Lead clinician: Mr Afsar Jafree (afsar.jafree@nhs.net)

  4. FY2 Co-ordinator & Ophthalmology Local Faculty Group Administrator: Abbie Denning (abbie.denning@nhs.net)

  5. WHH Outpatient Sisters: Sister Barbara Scott (b.scott1@nhs.net) and Sister Maria Staveley (mariastaveley@nhs.net)

  6. Business Manager & Leave Co-ordinator: Kris Adewole (kris.adewole1@nhs.net)

Teaching Timetable

Our weekly Friday afternoon teaching programme includes discussion of inpatients, any interesting patients seen for the week in eye casualty, and teaching from a senior member of staff. In addition the trainees attend regular Regional Ophthalmology meetings in the KSS Deanery.

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