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Acute Medicine

Christopher Parokkaran

Acute Medicine at William Harvey Hospital

Welcome to Acute medicine at The William Harvey Hospital..

We welcome you to William Harvey Acute medicine department. We have a 42 bedded Acute medical unit for inpatient care and a well developed Ambulatory care unit with 6 trolley / arm chair spaces and three consultant rooms. You will have the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary team of Consultant Physicians, Consultant nurses, Acute Care practitioners, and dedicated acute floor allied health care professionals like Pharmacists, Social workers and Therapists. 

You will be working in an adequately challenged – but very supportive – environment while dealing with up to 12 patients a day with diagnostic dilemmas. There will plenty of opportunities to become competent in procedures like usage of Ascites drain and chest aspiration kits. We have a number of these procedures done in ambulatory care on  a weekly basis. We have medical students, Physician Associate students and trainee Acute care practitioners. 

If you have an interest in teaching and training, you will have plenty of opportunities to do it. Focus of this posting will be for you to become confident in the usage of the range of diagnostic services available to you and prioritise their usage in a just way. You will learn how acute physicians manage a number of medical conditions in an ambulatory setting which used to lead to hospital admissions in the past. 

Christopher Parokkaran, Consultant Acute Physician, William Harvey Hospital Ashford

Teaching Timetable


 Please check the William Harvey Teaching Timetable by clicking the link!

Key Contact (Education Centre)

Christopher Parokkaran
Danielle Bruce

Christopher Parokkaran

Consultant Acute Physician

William Harvey Hospital Ashford

Danielle Bruce

Contact: 01233 633331 Ext. 722 3018

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