Histopathology training programme:

Histopathology encompasses surgical pathology, autopsy and cytopathology. It is the macroscopic and microscopic examination of tissue and cells for diagnosis.

Our histopathology training programme is provided through East Kent Hospitals and London and KSS deanery. The Histopathology Department is based at William Harvey Hospital where we receive samples from all different sites of East Kent and from GP surgeries.

We are the main provider of histopathological services for the South East Kent.

Why train and learn in our Histopathology Programme at East Kent?

Our programme in East Kent Hospitals provides training in histopathology including upper and lower gastrointestinal pathology, liver pathology, urological pathology, dermatopathology, gynaecological and breast pathology, head and neck pathology, soft tissue and lung pathology, haematolymphoid pathology and non-gynaecological cytopathology. Regular training is also provided in autopsy pathology. Training therefore covers most areas of the histopathology curriculum. We are a busy department with a good mix of routine and interesting / challenging cases. Formal local educational activities take place weekly and our trainees regularly attend externally organised teaching and courses. Our trainees have the opportunity to participate in MDT meetings and in clinical audit.

What our doctors say:

'My name is Ashka Kubavat, I am ST1 in Histopathology at William Harvey Hospital. I am lucky to have got into this department. There is a welcoming atmosphere that adds joy to the work. The diversity of cases enables enriching aspects, broadens knowledge and skills. I am content with the department and work, acknowledging the combination of supportive culture and a positive attitude. '

Your Key Contacts:

Dr Konstantinos Skendros – Educational Supervisor and Local Faculty Group (LFG) lead

Dr Thiwanka Karawita – Educational Supervisor

Dr Nipin Bagla – Training Programme Director (TPD)


Q. How heavy is the cut up for trainees?

A. It is heavy for the department but most is done by BMS/Advanced practitioners. Therefore, the cut up for trainees is mainly “interesting cases” and that too we try to never extend it beyond 2 hours a day.

Q. What are the working hours for trainees?

A. 9-5, with lunch and tea breaks. 40 hours a week. No weekend or on-call.

Q. Are there autopsies?

A. Our department is one of the most prolific department for autopsy training in the London/KSS region.

Q. Provision for leave?

A. There has never been a problem in fulfilling study and other leave requests subject to entitlement.

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