The histopathology trainee posts allow trainees to develop skills in line with the Royal College of Pathology curriculum whilst being supported by the cellular pathology department. Learning opportunities and service commitments are dependent on the grade of the trainee. Support is offered from the educational supervisor, who collates feedback from other consultants, meets with the trainee regularly often informally and gives regular feedback.

Dr Nipin Bagla, Consultant Histopathologist, WHH

Who's Who

Please see telephone directory in induction materials for contact details.



Tyler Lloyd

Head BMS

Stuart Turner

Chief BMS for Histology

Shirley Stone

Health & Safety lead

Shirley Moses

Chief BMS for Cytology

Clare Hollyer

Senior BMS/Quality improvement

Kitt Burr


Gary Rowland/Victoria Ripley

Cut-up Room managers

Gary Rowland

IT support

Debbie Barraclough

Secretaries office manager

Consultant Pathologists

Specialties (lead in specialty bolded)

Dr Nicola Chaston

Head of service, Head&Neck/Endocrine/GI/PM/Mortuary lead

Dr Aminu Abdulkadir

Gynae/Urology/Lung/PM/Soft tissue

Dr Kareem Aboualfa


Dr Salim Anjarwalla

GI/Urology/Lung/PM/Non-gynae cytology/Breast

Dr Nipin Bagla

GI/Haematolymphoid/Non-gynae cytology/Educational supervisor

Dr Matthias Koslowski

Gynae/Urology/Gynae cytology/Soft tissue

Dr Brigid Maguire


Dr Doraline Phillips (part time)

Breast/non-gynae cytology

Dr Kostas Skendros


Dr Eranga Nissanka-Jayasuriya

Head and Neck

Dr Olena Dotsenko


Dr Shirlaine Fasayna


Induction Booklet

There is a four-weekly rotating specialty timetable. Some flexibility is possible, which should be agreed with other trainees. Regional training days depend on grade and generally occur in various venues in London. There are also week-long block teaching sessions for ST1s, one of which is a national week. Senior trainees are encouraged to self-organise courses for their learning needs as appropriate. 

Local formal teaching is aimed to be weekly in the shared pathology department multi-header room, with organisation involving the trainee representative. Timings are flexible but usually Friday noon. 

Please see the handbook for further details.

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