Who's Who


  • Director of Medical Education (DME) – Dr Prathibha Bandipalyam

  • Associate Director of Medical Education – Rags Subramaniam

  • Associate Director of Medical Education – Susan Kennedy

  • Directorate Services Manager (DSM) Quality – June Mossop-Toms

Centre Managers

  • QEQM – Karen Nicholson

  • WHH and K&CH – Diane Gosbee

A complete listing of all the Medical Education personnel can be found on this page (Staff Zone, login required).

Clinical Tutors

  • QEQM – Miss Elizabeth Sharp

  • WHH – Mr Jalal Maryosh

  • K&CH – Dr Martin Mayall

Rota Managers

Including Directorate Support Assistants (DSA), Business Administration Managers (BAM) and Operation Managers:


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