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Selection Centre Training Videos for Specialty Trainees

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Selection Centre Training Videos for Specialty Trainees

The following videos are now available covering the majority of selection centre tasks that trainees undergo for Medical, Surgical, and GP specialties: 

  1. Introduction
  2. Portfolio Interview
  3. Structured Interview
  4. GP / Role-play Station
  5. Ten Minute Summary
  6. Presentation
  7. Simulation Station
  8. End Credits

Each video provides an example of the tasks applicants will go through, with a selection of scenarios and questions which replicate actual selection centres. The assessors and candidates in the videos are played by real consultants and trainees taking part in a ‘mock-up’ selection process. 

The videos offer valuable tips, advice and feedback, supporting candidates on how to structure their personal preparation for the selection centre process.

The full playlist is available at

A subtitled playlist is available at:

Please note: these videos are only accessible from computers or mobile devices connected to the secure hospital network (they aren't available from home on the public internet).