Kent Endoscopy Training Course in ESD, EMR and Endosurgery

The 4th Kent ENdoscopy Training (KENT) course on Endo-surgical Insight into Colorectal and Oesophageal Submucosal Space 

The 4th Kent Endoscopy Training Course takes place from 14–15 December 2020 at the Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mother Hospital, and features live endosurgical cases taught by national and international experts.

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In view of these challenging and unprecedented times, we are proud of our team committee members who have managed to design and launch a live streaming course linking with world experts in the field of endoscopy (USA, Japan, India, Spain and UK). Due to COVID pandemic restrictions, no hands-on training sessions will take place.

The course will be held in the afternoon on Day 1 and in the morning on Day 2 to meet the demands of time zone differences. All free registered delegates will be able to ask questions during the live case sessions, answered by experts live using the online platform. A set of live dedicated lectures covering a wide range of therapeutic procedures in the lower and upper gastrointestinal tract will be transmitted via a video link. The moderation of the live case sessions will advocate interactive discussions between delegates and experts.

Our ultimate goal is to sustain high quality training, encompassing the endo-surgical management of complex colorectal and oesophageal lesions and introducing advanced endoscopy resection techniques (EMR, ESD, SCOPE, POEM). This is the first time we will present the oesophageal submucosal and third space in live cases and lectures.

There are 16 CPD points endorsed by the Royal College of Physicians.

You can download the full programme here.

This is the only endoscopy training course based within KSS (Kent, Surrey and Sussex), featuring live endoscopy cases by national and international experts. There will be formative lectures delivered by experts in their field together with hands-on training with ex vivo porcine models led by Dr Zacharias Tsiamoulos. Certificates and 16 CPD points will be available for those completing the course. There are opportunities to see and attend live cases with interactive sessions on advanced endoscopic techniques.

The course provides exposure to the new complex polyp service and pathways using our experts from the Trust, and delegates will have the opportunity to have hands-on practice and feedback.

The Trust will also be offering delegates opportunities to apply for a Fellowship in Advanced Endosurgery.


Monday 14th December, Day 1

12:00 Registration and Welcome by the Course Convenor and Course Director Dr Zacharias Tsiamoulos and Mr Joseph Sebastian

12:15 Lecture from Spain Indications and outcomes for ESD and EMR in clinical practice, Spain Dr Alberto Herreros de Tejada

12:45 Live case 1 from Spain Rectal SSD Dr José Santiago García

13:30 Live case 2 from QEQM, UK Colorectal ESD Mr Amyn Haji

14:15 Lecture from QEQM, UK Clinical outcomes and Health Economics of SSD Dr Zacharias Tsiamoulos

15:15 Lecture from QEQM, UK Endoscopic therapy for dysplasia associated colitis Dr Roser Vega

15:45 Live case 3 from QEQM Theatres, UK Colorectal SSD Dr Zacharias Tsiamoulos

16:30 Lecture from QEQM, UK Application of Artificial Intelligence on therapeutic and screening endoscopy Dr Bu Hayee

17:00 Lecture from the Mayo Clinic, USA Learning curve and clinical practice for ESD and SSD Professor Norio Fukami

17:30 Lecture from QEQM, UK What does the endoscopist need to know about Artificial Intelligence and how will it impact future practice? Dr Omer Ahmad 

18:00 Live case 4 from the Mayo Clinic, USA Colorectal ESD Professor Norio Fukami 

20:30 End of first day Recap objectives Dr Zacharias Tsiamoulos, Mr Joseph Sebastian


Tuesday 15th December, Day 2

07:30 Lecture from QEQM, UK Serrated polyps: guidelines and therapeutic approach Dr Iosif Beintaris

08:00 Lecture from Japan Characterisation of colorectal polyps using JNET and NICE classifications: practical tips and tricks Professor Yutaka Saito

08:30 Lecture from QEQM, UK Trans-anal platform for the excision of complex rectal polyps Professor Brian Saunders

09:00 Live case 1 from QEQM Theatres, UK Colorectal SSD Dr Zacharias Tsiamoulos

09:45 Live case 2 from Japan Colorectal ESD Professor Yutaka Saito

10:30 Lecture from Japan Indications for Oesophageal ESD: clinical outcomes and management complications Dr Seiichiro Abe

11:00 Live case 3 from Portsmouth, UK Oesophageal ESD Professor Pradeep Bhandari

11:45 Live case 4 from Japan Oesophageal ESD Dr Seiichiro Abe

12:30 Lecture from QEQM, UK Imaging modalities for oesophageal lesions and set up a new oesophageal ESD service Dr Matthew Banks

13:00 Lecture from AIG, Hyderabad, India Indications for POEM and current update at AIG Dr Zaheer Nabi

13:30 Live case 5 from AIG, Hyderabad, India POEM Dr Mohan Ramchandani 

14:30 End of second day Recap objectives Dr Zacharias Tsiamoulos, Mr Joseph Sebastian


Course convenor

Dr Zacharias Tsiamoulos, Consultant in Gastroenterology and Specialist in GI Endoscopy, Endoscopy Clinical Lead Trust wide

Programme directors

East Kent Hospitals (EKUHFT)

Mr Joseph Sebastian, Surgical Endoscopy Lead

Mr Pradeep Basnyat, Colorectal MDM Lead

Mr Sudhakar Mangam, Colorectal MDM Lead

Dr Frank Muller, Gastroenterology Clinical Lead, Director of Bowel Screening Programme

Dr Nash Inayet, Consultant in Gastroenterology, Upper GI Lead Dr Nipin Bagla, Consultant Pathologist

Dr Riz Basit, Consultant Radiologist

Dr Shairoz Samji, Consultant in Gastroenterology

International faculty

National Cancer Centre, Tokyo, Japan

Prof. Yutaka Saito, Professor of Gastroenterology Dr Abe Seiichiro, Consultant in Gastroenterology

St Mark’s Hospital, UK

Prof. Brian Saunders, Professor of Gastroenterology

Mayo Clinic, Arizona, USA

Prof. Norio Fukami, Professor of Gastroenterology

Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, AIG, Hyderabad, India

Dr Mohan Ramchandani, Consultant in Gastroenterology
Dr Zaheer Nabi, Consultant in Gastroenterology

Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust, UK

Professor Pradeep Bhandari, Professor of Gastroenterology

King’s College Hospital, UK

Mr Amyn Haji, Consultant in Colorectal and Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr Bu Hayee, Reader in Gastroenterology

Puerta de Hierro University Hospital, Madrid, Spain

Dr Alberto Herreros de Tejada, Consultant in Gastroenterology Dr José Santiago García, Consultant in Gastroenterology University College Hospitals, UK
Dr Matthew Banks, Consultant in Gastroenterology

Dr Roser Vega, Consultant in Gastroenterology
Dr Omer F Ahmad, Advanced Fellow in Gastroenterology

North Tees Hospitals, UK

Dr Iosif Beintaris, Consultant in Gastroenterology

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals, UK

Dr Susie Green, Consultant in Gastroenterology