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Schwartz Round - June 2019

Details for the next Schwartz Round are now available:

Friday 7 June, 12:30 - 13:30, Lecture Theatre, QEQM

The topic for this will be Being on the other side - when healthcare staff or their relatives are the patient.

A free buffet lunch will be provided between 12:00 and 12:30.

What are Schwartz Rounds?

Schwartz Rounds are meetings which provide an opportunity for staff from all disciplines across the organisation to reflect on the emotional aspects of their work.

Research into the effectiveness of Schwartz Rounds shows the positive impact that they have on individuals, teams, patient outcomes and organisational culture. 

How do they work?

A panel of four people share their experience on a topic, for example, "The patient I'll never forget". Trained facilitators then help everyone in the room discuss the topic, sharing their thoughts, asking questions and offering similar experiences. The focus is on the experience and the emotions involved, not on problem solving. 

You can read more about Schwartz Rounds at: