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Medical Education offer you an invaluable opportunity in gaining Leadership and Communication skills.

Health Education London and South East (HELaSE) and the Trust’s medical education framework embraces the “trainee voice” as an important part of ensuring quality standards are delivered within medical education. Junior Doctor Representatives are formally appointed members of the junior doctor body who work with the Education Centres, Local Faculty Groups and the Local Academic Board to ensure that the views, opinions and experiences of their peer group of trainee doctors are taken fully into account at every level of decision making within the Trust. This includes Foundation Trainees and all Specialty Trainees (ie GPST / CMT / CT / ST 1, 2, 3 & HST).

As a Junior Doctor Representative, it is expected that you will be a pro-active member on one or more of the following local faculty framework groups:

  • Local Faculty Group (LFG) (eg. Foundation, Medicine, Surgery, O&G etc.)

These groups are part of a quality framework that ensures monitoring, review and evaluation of all training programmes within specialty / foundation. These groups meet three times a year.

  • Local Academic Board (LAB)  


This over-arching body oversees the work of the Local Faculty Groups. In addition to members of the LFGs sitting on this board, there are HEKSS staff and members of the Trust’s senior management team as well as the Director of Medical Education and Academic Registrar. This Board meets three times a year. Four Junior Doctor Representatives are required – one foundation, one GPST, one Core / ST and one HST.

  • Individuals / working groups  


In addition, as a junior doctor representative, you will also be asked to work with individuals or small working groups within the Medical Education Directorate. This will include, at a local level, the Medical Education site teams, Quality Team or the Academic Registrar (for example).

Further information can be found within the Job Profile.

If you are interested in applying for this role, please complete the application and forward to your local Medical Education Centre Manager:

K&CH and WHH Diane Gosbee:

QEQMH Karen Nicholson:

Applications need to be received by 31 July for Foundation Yr 1 or 8 August for F2, Core and GPST

Interviews will be held within the first few weeks of starting your first rotation.


JD Rep leaflet
Junior Doctor Rep leaflet
Junior Doctor Rep Role Profile
Junior Doctor Rep Role Profile