Induction Resources: Important Information

Patient Safety 

All doctors and dentists in training must make patient safety their prime concern. All of the criteria below must be understood in terms of this overarching concept of patient safety.

Education Leads (College Tutor, Local faculty group Lead and Foundation Programme Director)

Each training programme has a named programme director who accepts responsibility for planning the programme and ensuring that the standards set out below are met within the training programme. This will be the Foundation Programme directors for Foundation and College Tutors on each site for the other specialities with the Local Faculty Group Lead taking overall responsibility. Please make sure you make yourself aware of the education leads for your speciality on your site.  If not sure, contact your local Education Centre who will be able to advise you.


At the beginning of each post, you must attend induction programmes designed to familiarise you with both the Trust in general and the specialty department (organisational and educational aspects) in particular. Clinical guidelines used in the department will be explained at the induction. Written information on timetables and other arrangements will also be provided as part of departmental inductions.

Appraisal and Assessment 

Each of you will have a named educational supervisor, and you need to meet with him / her privately at the start of each attachment, and then at specified intervals to carry out appraisals, clarify career goals, identify learning needs and plan the education accordingly. Please ensure that you organise these appointments in good time before the deadlines. Appraisals and assessments must be properly documented using the specified documentation in your e-portfolio.


Constructive feedback from consultant / trainer is extremely useful in professional development. There is further information on effective feedback available under the resource tab -

Protected Teaching

There are protected teaching sessions for all trainees. This is based on the relevant Royal College / Faculty curriculum, and separate from clinical work, and is provided on a regular basis. You are required to attend a minimum of 70% of these. You need to feedback regarding these sessions, so that changes can be made to the programme, if necessary.

Regional Training Days (RTDs) attendance should be booked both with HELaSE and importantly with your departments as soon as possible to enable service cover.

Senior Doctor Cover

Please note that there is senior doctor cover at all times in all specialities. You are expected to call the consultant, if you need any advice, especially out of hours, and you are unable to get senior help.

Clinical Workload

Please make the most of all the opportunities in the clinical areas. East Kent is a busy trust and has a wide variety of specialities which provide rich material for learning.

Evidence Based Medicine and Audit

Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the local written guidelines on the management of common clinical conditions. It is expected that you undertake an audit or quality improvement programme during the year. Knowledge Services (library) offer a good resource to support this -


Please ensure that you give 8 weeks’ notice for annual and study leave to your department. Study leave applications should be completed and submitted to Junior Doctor Study Leave Co-ordinators – details can be found at -

Local faculty Group (LFG) representative

Each speciality has a Local faculty Group with representation from trainees. Please volunteer to be the representative for your site and speciality. Workshops are held to explain the role and responsibilities of the LFG representative and are a good opportunity to improve your leadership skills. Further information can be found  at -

Relative Support Officers

Kent & Canterbury Hospital - 01227864006 ext 722 4006

William Harvey Hospital - 01233616887 ext 723 8206

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital - 01843 225544 ext 725 4452

View the Doctors Toolbox - created by doctors for doctors - providing useful information for trainees. Please contact the foundation administrator on your site for a password.