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Foundation Interim Doctor Role


IFY1 doctors will be able to undertake the following supervised tasks as part of a recognised clinical team (in any ward-based specialty)

1. Note-taking (i.e. making entries in the clinical record)

2. Ordering investigations

3. Procedures: (please ensure you have had proper training and have appropriate supervision)
a) Venesection
b) Intravenous cannulation

4. Supervised prescribing (NB only if iFY1 doctor has passed Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA)

5. Completion of discharge documentation


Curricular Outcomes

The iFY1 doctor will have a unique opportunity to contribute to healthcare during this crisis and any of the following Foundation Professional Capabilities (curricular outcomes) can be recognised retrospectively. Horus is your electronic portfolio and you may wish to explore this and start populating with evidence of your activity, however, in reality, this may not be realistic to do so. Your foundation administrators are always happy to support you with any portfolio questions.

Below are some curricular outcomes you may want to record:

  1. Acts professionally
  2. Delivers patient centred care and maintains trust
  3. Behaves in accordance with ethical and legal requirements
  4. Communicates clearly in a variety of settings
  5. Works effectively as a team member
  6. Recognises, assesses and initiates management of the acutely ill patient
  7. Obtains history, performs clinical examination, formulates differential diagnosis and management plan
  8. Requests relevant investigations and acts upon results
  9. Prescribes safely [if allowed to prescribe, having passed PSA within past 2 years]
  10. Performs procedures safely
  11.   Recognises and works within limits of personal competence
  12.   Makes patient safety a priority in clinical practice