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Frequently asked questions


Where will I stay?

On-site accommodation will be available for you in the Staff Residences.


What will be the  accommodation cost?

 Accommodation will be paid for by the Trust for this period.

Are there laundry services?

 Bed linen will be provided.  See website above for details

Will I be with other IFY1s?      


Will there be staff parking?    

Parking is currently free for all staff until the end of May 2020.  After this date you would need to apply for a staff permit – to apply go to


When will I receive my rota?

The situation with rotas is dynamic at the moment given implementation of our Junior Doctor COVID Strategy.  You will receive a rota on arrival at your first day of induction.

Will I be doing on-calls?

Our medicine rotas have been redesigned and you and you can expect to be working 12/13 hour shifts.

Will I be doing nights?

F1s do not work nights at East Kent Trust, however, in the current situation some of our current F1s are working nights with appropriate supervision.  YOU WILL NOT BE ROSTERED TO WORK NIGHTS.

How many hours a week will I be expected to work?

EKHUFT has been observing the Working Time Directive of a 48 hour week but extraordinary circumstances may require additional working.

Will I be expected to work at weekends?


What annual leave will I get at this time?

The Trust has cancelled all leave during this period, however, if you require leave under exceptional circumstances or compassionate leave, please flag with your administrators.


 What will I be paid?

 FY1 Salary

 How will I be paid?

 Your pay will be paid directly into your bank account.  Forms from HR will be sent to you for you.

Placement details:

Where will I be placed?

You will be given details of your placement at least 3 days before you arrive with us.

Will I get a say in which speciality I will be placed in?

Trust needs, in common with those of all trusts, are that such that you will be placed in Medicine for the time being.  The situation is constantly under review however, subject to COVID demands, and you may be moved at some stage before August.

Am I likely to be moved around?

 You will be asked to work in different clinical contexts within the hospital as required.

Will I get any shadowing?

You will be paired up with another one or two junior doctors.


Who will be my Clinical Supervisor?

It is likely that you will have the same Clinical Supervisors as the junior doctor you are shadowing but, as with all training doctors currently, you should actively seek supervision from the senior.

What is a Clinical Supervisor?

A Clinical Supervisor is a trainer who is selected and appropriately trained to be responsible for overseeing a specified foundation doctor’s clinical work and providing constructive feedback during a training placement.

Will I have an Educational Supervisor for this interim period?

Yes. Given the unusual circumstances and the pressures on our consultant body at the moment, we will ensure that you have one of our Clinical Tutors as your Educational Supervisor to ensure continuity and full support.


Will I get an induction?

Yes.  You will receive an off-site induction lasting a day at Buckland Hospital which will include a Medicine Department induction with our Director of Medical Education, Dr Prathibha.  You will then receive a site induction on the second day of your employment with us where you will be introduced to the junior doctor(s) that you will be shadowing and key operational and clinical staff.

Where will my induction be held?

Buckland Hospital in Dover and then whichever acute hospital where you will be working.

How will I travel to my induction? What if it is on a different site?

You can drive yourself (expenses will be paid) or transport can be arranged for you from your hospital site.


Will I be working on a COVID ward? Or with COVID patients?

Depending on where you are placed, you may be working with COVID or suspected COVID patients.

Will I get appropriate PPE and training for this? 


What should I do if I have a medical condition that places me at higher risk?

We will ask you to complete a Health Risk Assessment Form before starting with us.