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Junior Study Leave

Applies to: F2, ST 1-8, CT 1, 2 & 3, GPST 1 & 2


From 1 April 2018 there is a new process for study leave for junior doctors, introduced by Health Education England who now hold the central study leave budget. There is now no set study leave financial allocation for junior doctors. You will still need to apply for study leave locally via the Education Centres but the study leave will need to be a mandatory or optional course as listed by the relevant specialty school These courses will assist you in achieving your training competencies for your chosen training curriculum. Any study leave event not listed on these agreed lists will be considered aspirational courses for your development and will require you to obtain Training Programme Director approval from the relevant specialty school.  

Additional information published by HELaSE:


Study leave applications must be appropriate to learning needs as per mandatory and operational course information listed and agreed with their Educational/Clinical Supervisors. A study leave application form must be completed and approved by the educational/clinical supervisor, together with approval of cover for service needs from the Directorate Support Assistant/Business Admin Manager or Operational Manager.

Junior Study Leave - Co-ordinators 

WHH: Joan Garrett

K&CH: Ponnu Varghese

QEQM: Chelsea Huckstep

Your local JSL co-ordinator will be able to help you with your study leave enquiries including claiming expenses, so please make contact with them (StaffZone) at the earliest opportunity. 

Junior Study Leave Process Flowchart

Junior Study Leave Process Flow-chart

Forms, Guides and other Documentation

F2, ST 1-8, CT 1, 2 & 3, GPST 1 & 2

JSL Flowchart - April 2018

Junior Study Leave Application Form - 2019

JSL F1 Form (see eligibility note above re: "Taster" days) - April 2018: PDF Version , Word Version

Additional Information for Trainees and Educational Supervisors

Study Leave Trainees Communication

Study Leave Educational Supervisor Communication