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Why train and learn in our surgical specialties at East Kent?


The General Surgery posts allow trainees to develop skills in line with the curricula whilst being well supported by the multi-professional team.  

The ENT Department sees approximately 850,000 patients in East Kent. It has a full array of subspecialties including head and neck oncology, otology, rhinology. There are daily operating lists and clinics at the William Harvey Hospital and Kent and Canterbury as well as QEQM.

The Urology Training Programme which is one of the most popular training programmes in the country can be undertaken at K&CH as well as the Robotic Fellowship Training Programme.  Which is also the base for the Da Vinci robot.  

K&CH is one of the Vascular training sites in Kent for the KSS Training programme which recruits one Vascular Surgery trainee post per year.

East Kent runs a variety of surgical courses every year.  A Basic Surgical Skills course is currently held at K&CH twice a year with space of 14 participants.

Both QEQM and WHH Education Centres have purchased laparoscopic trainers and suturing kits for trainees to use for skills training.  This will give an opportunity to staff and medical students to practice both basic and advanced laparoscopic skills in a controlled and safe environment with Consultant teaching if desired.

The General Medical Council 2019 national training survey gave Surgery at East Kent 6 green flags in supporting systems and supportive environment within ENT and educational governance; induction; reporting systems and supportive environment at programme level.

Suturing Skills (2)
Surgical instruments in use

Mr Roland Fernandes

WHH College Tutor

Danielle Bruce

Danielle Bruce

Medical Education Administrator


General Surgery – Tina Barnard

T&O – Tina MacAvoy

ENT – Kimberley Mato

Jawaharlal Senaratne

Mr Jawaharlal Senaratne

K&CH College Tutor

Jane Richens, Foundation Administrator

Jane Richens

Medical Education Administrator


Vascular – Caroline Crowe

Vascular & Urology – Amber Howlett

Jessica Evans

Miss Jessica Evans

College Tutor

Kayleigh Howard

Kayleigh Howard

Medical Education Administrator


General Surgery – Helen Fisher 

T&O – Janet Robson


Q.  Can I get involved in Research projects?

AWe know that Research and Innovation leads to better care and outcomes for our patients and we want to place it at the heart of everything that we do.  We are building a dynamic, wide-ranging, patient-centred, world class research portfolio offering all patients opportunities to participate in studies of the very latest treatments and therapies; ensuring East Kent Hospitals' position at the cutting edge of health care.  Miss Jessica Evans, College Tutor is also the current Director of Research and Innovation for the Trust and actively encourages trainees to get involved in research.

Q.  Do you offer Simulation courses?

A.  The Simulation Team at EKHUFT offer regional sessions are run on behalf of HELASE for the Core Surgical Trainees. 

Core Surgical Simulation - East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust (

Trauma Team Members - East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust (