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East Kent hosts both dental foundation training (Canterbury) as well a core/higher dental training (Ashford).  

HEKSS runs its East Kent Foundation training scheme from the Education Centre at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital. Each scheme runs a local appointment event in March or April so that Foundation Dentists (FDs) can be appointed to their chosen practices. At this event, FDs and Trainers meet and discuss geography and travel, workload, details of the practices, including patient base etc., and FDs are then given the choice of which practice they wish to go to, with priority being based on scoring position in the National Recruitment Process.

At the William Harvey Hospital, Ashford core and higher dental training takes place in maxilla facial surgery, restorative dentistry and orthodontics.  One dental core training post includes 6mths in community dentistry.

Dental CPD for qualified dentists also takes place at Kent & Canterbury Hospital – see  for further information of training programmes

Dental Lab

Why train and learn in our Dental Programme at East Kent?


The Dental Skills Lab based within the Canterbury Education Centre has recently been given a £250,00 upgrade and is now able to provide an area where 16 Foundation Dentists can learn with the most up to date equipment.

Courses on offer include: Extracoronal practical study days, tooth surface loss and replacement of missing teeth.


Dental Lab

What our trainees and students say

"The oral and maxillofacial department offers a wide variety of experience for junior staff ranging from major head and neck oncology surgery performed weekly, to surgical management of facial trauma and deformity patients and dentoalveolar work. Although based mainly at the William Harvey hospital, some work is performed at Kent & Canterbury and Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother in Margate with these sites also offering junior trainees good surgical experience. The job primarily consists of general ward work, particularly for major oncology patients, consultant clinics, operating theatres and management of emergency department patients when on call.

I have really enjoyed my time here despite being daunted at the prospect of covering such a large area and population at the beginning. This task is made much easier by the supportive environment of having 5 consultants and large middle grade roster, who are always happy to help junior staff. The department also benefits from having a full restorative dentistry and orthodontic department, which allows junior trainees to get involved in projects should they be interested and exposes them the multidisciplinary management of patients. Although the job is full on, I have learnt so much and particularly appreciate how the job has provided me with more confidence with regard to leadership and taking on more responsibility."

Core Dental Trainee