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Anaesthetics at the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital

Welcome to QEQM Hospital in Margate. We have worked in QEQMH as trainees and speciality doctors.

Where to start; the location... if you are from a London university it is one of the furthest places away, but Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs are mainly tourist towns and with that comes lots of restaurants and nights out. These can also be a relaxing quiet place if you want it to be. There are lots of beaches and day trips out and the location is brilliant for travel to Europe.

As a place to work it is the friendliest place we have been placed at. The consultants are supportive and understanding. They remember starting training, the difficulties they faced and apply what they remember as the good experiences into their interaction with us. 

We would return for work here for many reasons; the atmosphere, the people you work with and the amazing sandy beaches! 

Unlike theatres in many places which have a reputation for having many confident personalities and the interactions that might come with that. The staff at QEQM listened and accommodated us, integrating us as new trainees. We became part of the group, and felt very welcomed. 

We have had regular weekly teaching opportunities to present at as well as in theatre teaching.  

It's an excellent place to prepare and attend exams - educational supervisors and college tutor take particular interest in providing teaching and time for those preparing for exams. The Library has plenty examination materials for the FRCA. 

The mix of cases includes orthopaedics, general, gynaecology, ENT, day surgery, maternity and others. 

The organisation of the department comes down to Wendy, the administrator - her skills are legendary; she keeps the whole department together. 

Karun Luthra, Ahmed Al- Hindawi and Shyam Laxman, Anaesthetic Trainees 2015 


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Key contacts at the QEQM

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Dr Sleem Rahim,

QEQM Anaesthetics Clinical Lead


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Dr Henry Thanuvan, 

College Tutor, QEQM


Wendy McGuinness
Wendy McGuinness, 

Anaesthetic Administrator QEQM