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Local Faculty Groups

As an Educational Supervisor you should:

  • Attend Local Faculty Group meetings (minimum 2 of the 3 meetings per year) and disseminate any relevant trainee information to the Local Faculty Lead, the trainee’s Clinical Supervisor and the trainee as appropriate.
  • Ensure that you complete a Supervisor report on trainee progress for each Faculty Group meeting and return this to the Medical Education Administrator in good time before the meeting.
  • Complete a Structured Report and return this to the Local Faculty Lead for the Annual Review of Competence Progression process within the required timescales. This may require seeking feedback on the trainee’s performance from other trainers and Clinical Supervisors.


As a Clinical Supervisor you should:

  • Report any trainee issues to the Educational Supervisor in order for this information to be part of the discussion around the trainee’s progression which is monitored via the Local Faculty Group.


Following each of the Local Faculty Group meetings the Lead will need to provide a report to the Local Academic Board so may ask supervisors for comments on the training programme to include in the report.